A Blue Wedding …

I have probably said these words a million times!  “I love weddings!”  I just do!  There are so many things in a wedding that I truly adore – the bride mostly and the excitement she has that transmits to the very core of my heart and the right side of my brain.  I love doing weddings and whenever I do, I explore deep down my creative senses to transform my ideas to something that metamorphosed the dream of the couple for this momentous chapter of their lives.  I do not necessarily claim to be the best.  I am just passionate about it. I give it my all, providing for what the budget allows.

It has been a while since the last time I coordinated and catered an event.  Prior to moving to this beautiful place of Canada, particularly British Columbia, we had a family business back in the Philippines that had allowed me to meet a number of people who trusted me to cater to their events – debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas parties,  corporate events and weddings, of course!  We had a very hectic schedule back then.  Until I had to take on a bigger and bolder step in my life and give up that career.

Since moving to Canada, I have always geared my mind to pursuing what I love most.  For me, chasing my dreams means pursuing happiness!  I wanted to better my craft and that includes upgrading my education, broadening my knowledge, reading magazines, a lot of observations and cultivating the creative side of me.  Finally, after 5 years of hiatus, my first blue wedding! 

With this opportunity, I thank my ever loyal friend – Babes!  She has always believed in me and I value our friendship albeit 80 kilometers apart.  The distance didn’t matter.  We didn’t see that often but we always feel close to one another when we do!  When I told her that I am finishing an Event Management course at the Ryerson University in Toronto, and that I would like to eventually be able to coordinate and plan events, she wasted no time in telling her friends in Kelowna about my new endeavour. 

I met the bride and groom to-be way back in December 2007 at a Filipino Christmas party.  They were determined to have their wedding coordinated. After the first handshake, I felt the confidence in me ignited once again. 


August 10th, 2008, Sunday

The budget:  $3,500.00

  The package:  A wedding coordination, catering service for 72 people, including flowers, set up of the church and reception, and tear down after the event, dove release courtesy of LoveyDovey).

The menu:  7-course meal, lunch, including beverages. 

The venue:  Ceremony is at Benvoulin Heritage Church in Kelowna, at 10:30 am.  Reception follows at the church’s banquet hall after the couple and the wedding party’s parade.

Time involved:  Unlimited hours of creative planning and consultation … 4 hours of set up (night before the wedding).

Ceremony starts at 10:30 a.m..  Reception follows until 3:30 p.m. … By 4 pm the banquet hall should have been cleared as another wedding follows.

Let me know how I did … here are some of the pictures …


 The buffet table

 The table centerpiece – the summer flower which is hydrangea brightened the occasion.  They speak of elegance and simplicity.

The chairs were adorned with the same flowers and sashed with the color motiff – blue! 

The table napkins were folded like a rose and the base were folded like white lilies.

The table setting …

Guests blew bubbles while the wedding entourage walk into the reception hall …

The cake table …

The cupcake cheer! – cupcakes were served with a candle, and guests were enjoined to make a wish on their own cupcakes for the newly wed

Every candle lit serve as a torch as they begin their new life as married couple…  every wish well thought of are blessings that will ease their path as they go through life together.

The money dance … a tradition that can’t be without at every Filipino weddings.

The wedding party dance … 

  The wedding turned out not only as a union of culture and tradition, of color and race but in generic term, as common as it sounds, still is a beautiful union of two human souls passionately in love with each other. 


Of the 72 guests, I was a witness to it …  and couldn’t be happier that I was part of the couple’s journey to their new life …

The smiles were undeniable …

 The enormous amount of preparation, planning and coordination, setting up down to the least detail … is worth the while and every penny. And if you ask me … I’d gladly do it again  …  and again.  At the end of the day, the happiness derived from this memorable event is all that matters.

I am looking forward to celebrating more occasions, sharing more of my creative side, and making real and beautiful weddings in the future.  I’d like turning fantasies to life.  After all, the closest thing to imagination … is making it REAL!

 Malou Mabalay (Event Coordinator)


P.S.  This would not have been all possible without the invaluable help and support of Jas, TJ, Sandra, Clarenz, Lathie, my sister Mavec (my business partner?), my family most especially my mom and my BESTFRIEND – TONY!  They are the wind beneath my wings… no doubt!



  1. Wow, I enjoyed the pictures and story, it was almost like being there! Good job Malou!


  2. Congratulations, Mach! It was lovely!

  3. very impressive- surely mm’s debut party at the Hilton Hotel last year would have been more succesful and creative if u were the event consultant-anyway more parties to come- God bless and miss u so

  4. Hi Mach,

    I think this is really your career. It was very nice, pleasant to the eyes, like your dimples. hehehehe

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