I *heart* Weddings!


I believe that the logical axiom in seeking the much needed information comes from questions answerable by the 5 W’s + H – which stands for Who, What, Why, Where and When (and How).  Allow me to introduce myself as I fill in the 5 W’s + H …

Who …

Welcome! My name is Malou Mabalay.   My principle in life is no matter what I do or where I am, I always put my best foot forward and give my best shot.   I am a very optimistic person and therefore always challenged to turn any negative situation to something positive and worthwhile.  I am a right-brained person, which makes me a creative thinker. I think of the bigger picture first then work backwards to put the bits and pieces of the details together.  With this characteristic, I would say, I think like a bride. I would like to think that I am left brained too, as evidenced by my sequential method of brain-processing and *heart* for organizing.   Which makes me fit as a Wedding Planner/ Coordinator!  Did I mention that I have a background in Interior Decorating and I am fascinated with Colorstology? I would love to explore that side of an Event Designer in me as I grow in this career.  Ten years from now, I dream of rubbing elbows with the likes of Preston Bailey, Collin Cowie and David Tutera among others. (Might as well, keep on dreamin’ …)

What, When …

My distinction is a Wedding Consultant and Coordinator as certified by the Wedding Planning Institute in Canada.  I am also a graduate of Event Management Certificate Program at the Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.  This Certificate Program was developed by the George Washington University and the International Special Events Society.  I have coordinated numerous events and weddings in the past prior to moving to Canada.  Yes, I’m a fresh graduate, (but my creative ideas aren’t obsolete!), (you can say) new in the industry in Canada. (but seasoned in dealing with people, listening and understanding their needs and wants).   I am very passionate with my career that I always try to keep myself abreast with the trends, perform my tasks with joy and enthusiasm, and take pride in the outcome of my work. 

Why …

As a Wedding Planner & Coordinator, I make every bride’s life simple, organized and stress-freeWedding is one of the most important occasions in every woman’s life, and my mission is to create a memorable experience that expresses your personality, and to make it a perfect day for you, your loved ones, families and friends.  With unique ideas that I can bring to the table, organized and comprehensive timelines, realistic budgets, liaising skills with preferred vendors, combined with passion and dedication to my craft, I can definitely save you time and money to transform your visions to reality and organized everything to a cohesive whole. Because I have an inventory of event equipment as well, I also offer rentals of catering and event equipment that you may need, including set up and tear down.  In every wedding that I coordinate, I always bring with me my basic life survival kit – camera, tape measure, clipboard, pens and the whole Bridal Emergency Kit.  Life is full of surprises; I’d like to be always ready for one.  Life is also meant to be enjoyed, and so is any event or wedding.  As your Event/Wedding Planner  & Coordinator, I will be your personal consultant in every aspect of your event/wedding planning process.

Where …

I am based in the sunny Okanagan Valley in British ColumbiaI dream to contribute in making Okanagan known as a prime wedding destination in Canada …. for so many compelling reasons!  Nestled in a picturesque setting that is close to nature, Okanagan enjoys the most desirable climate in Canada with longer summer months and moderate winter.  The beauty in the tranquility of the Okanagan Lake and other beaches around the valley, the breath-taking mountain view, and the warmth of people who live and retire here, are just few of the evident and authentic characteristics of country living that Okanagan offers.  The 200 and more inventory of attractions in arts, heritage, cultural festivals, agri-tourism, wineries, epicurean delicatessen, sprawling spa, rejuvenation and relaxation getaways account to why Okanagan should be your next wedding destination.  There are many venues to choose from … there are many possibilities … but only a unique celebration for every individual and preference.

How …

There are many ways I can assist you in your events and weddings.  I do not have to explain why it is recommended that you hire someone to help you with your events and weddings, as it is absolutely necessary for your own benefit.  Call or email me.  I will need you to complete a Client Questionnaire to enable me to address the level and extent of service that you require, PLUS I would like to get to know you better!  During the initial complimentary consultation, we discuss the scope of your event/wedding and determine the courses of action that we need to implement.  Take the next step.  Remember, on your wedding day, you’d rather savor the calmness and flawless moment  as the adorable, refreshing and elegant bride, rather than stressing yourself thinking about the littlest detail of the occasion.  And if you’re staging an event, you’re confident things will pan out smoothly because you know there is an Event Planner/Coordinator overseeing its orderly flow.


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