Christmas Tree … Lights On! Let the Christmas spirit begin!

Christmas Tree …. Lights On!
Let the Christmas spirit begin!

When I think of one of the best symbols of Christmas, one thing stands out to my mind – a Christmas tree.    It is where most families gather together on Christmas day to open gifts or merely chat.  It brings a spirit of unity to families when gathered around it for celebration.    It also sets the theme for your carefully chosen Christmas style and decoration.  It takes a lot of thinking more than decorating when choosing which kind of ornaments or trimmings will highlight one’s Christmas tree.   My childhood memories bring me back to a variety of Christmas tree innovations that we had, especially not having the access for real Christmas trees.  This gave me the opportunity to be creative in coming up with a unique but economical Christmas tree to have in our home each year.   Artificial Christmas trees even during the early years were a little too pricey especially for a low-income family like us at that time.  I remember sawing a 3-footer pyramid-shaped plywood and wrapping embroidery threads of red and green around it as our Christmas tree.  Trimmings used were Christmas cards pinned with wooden clothespins and then a cardboard star covered with golden foil as our Christmas tree topper.

When I moved to Canada, I started to like the idea of having live Christmas tree each Christmas.  I just love the real pine smell and green color of it.  The needles used to annoy me having to vacuüm every now and them but then the skirt and the gifts under it, do a good job of hiding them. 

We are a little behind putting our Christmas decor, but it’s better late than never.   Real Christmas tree costs anywhere from $10 to $35 a piece, plus taxes.  We are a little adamant in buying a real Christmas tree this year.  I feel that since we only have 7 more days left before Christmas, that I should find out about other options to spruce up our home with the spirit of Christmas other than using a real Christmas tree this year.  And so I browsed online to find out unique ideas for Christmas trees and here are some of the interesting items I found …   


  Vinyl Wall Art.   There are companies who can customize an artwork for you, which in this case, would be triangles that form as Christmas tree.  Accessorize it with Christmas balls that match the color of the Christmas tree artwork. 


Post-It Notes.  I came across this Post-It Notes formed as a Christmas tree on a tall floor mirror stand from a designer’s blog.  I thought it’s a pretty neat idea and minimalistic in design.  It fits perfectly for busy people who have no time to put up a Christmas tree and accessorize.  Right on the corner of the mirror is a Christmas light to complete the spirit of the holiday season. 

 Christmas branch arrangement.  A perfect substitute to a towering tree, plus it’s natural and eco-friendly.  All you need are few branches of a tree, cover them with an environmentally friendly white paint, and then hang blue and silver Christmas balls and beach themed accessories.  The result?  – A new look and calming effect.    


A recycled wine cork creation.  For the wine lovers, don’t throw those corks away!  There are many ways to recycle them, especially during the holiday season.  An example is this Christmas tree shaped bundle of wine corks, finished up with a bow that matches one of the colors of paint used randomly to liven up the natural color of the cork.  (Source:


 Interestingly Edgy.  And who would have thought that many years after, an upside down Christmas tree would cut a distinguished figure itself.   This unique Christmas tree is quite edgy and definitely grabs attention.

I’m sure that most of you have seen several kinds of Christmas trees other than the ones featured above.  I am definitely amazed with the creativity that can be derived with this Christmas symbol and the cheer that it brings to people, no matter its shape, color and transformation.   One can’t really go wrong with how our Christmas trees are going to look like.  Once done with decorating, whether subdued or elaborate, it will definitely speak the personality of the home owner and the spirit of the season!

 Merry Christmas to one and all!


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