At the recent Canadian Special Events Meetings & Expo 2010 in Vancouver, BC – I gushed and blushed …

Here’s one of the many highlights of my recent trip to Vancouver, BC for the Canadian Special Events Meetings & Expo 2010 last October 26 & 27 …

Talk about incorporating entertainment in your event(s), this one’s an absolute crowd pleaser.  I had an opportunity to try his expertise at the recent event suppliers meeting in Vancouver, and was awed by this man’s amazing talent!  I was so naive, keeping myself cool while he draws a caricature of myself.  A projector behind me shows a bigger picture of the drawing in process.  Judging from the reaction of the people around us, I started to think that he’s scheming something pleasurable to the eyes of the crowd.  I didn’t have a clue. All he asked at the beginning of his stint were questions like “What do you do? What do you love most?”  I gushed, “I loooovvveee A GOOD WINE and I’m from Okanagan!”  Here’s a glimpse and the finished product. 

 50 pounds lighter while sippin’ a glass of Okanagan wine and soaking in a barrel full of stamped grapes.

Tell me if he isn’t somethin!  I look forward to hiring him for my next event.   His business tagline is “Cartoons that Capture only Your Good Parts” … Need I say more?


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